A new programme by Ensemble La Casella

UPDATE: Ensemble La Casella is happy to announce, that they will be back in Austria performing their new programme Unmeasured in June 2018. For more info please scroll down.

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Ensemble La Casella

About us

Ensemble La Casella: Jedediah Allen (cornetto), Andreas Westermann (continuo) and myself, having all studied in Basel, Switzerland formed this ensemble to explore some well-known and unknown repertoire from the 16th and 17th centuries utilizing a unique combination of voice, cornetto, and continuo. Our configuration functions well in this setting, as the cornetto shares many vocal qualities in relation to its timbre and can convey text quite effectively.  

During the last year we have been performing the programme Feast and Famine in Austria and in The Netherlands and now we have added the new programme entitled Unmeasured.

Feast and Famine features mostly sacred (and some secular) works consisting of soprano vocal duets by 17th century Italian composers as well as solo works for each instrument respectively. This programme features thematic elements based on contrasting aspects of ‘prosperity’ and ‘scarcity’ when speaking of emotional and sometimes physical aspects in relation to the soul, therefore we titled it Feast and Famine

Unmeasured is our new programme featuring virtuosic works by popular Italian and German Early Baroque composers such as Heinrich Schütz and Claudio Monteverdi respectively as well as some Anonymous compositions from a newly discovered and edited manuscript called the Carlo G. Manuscript. Unmeasured is referring to the period of music where the concept of a "measure" in music, being a certain number of beats in a measure and the separation of the musical rhythmic structure by the use of barlines, was not yet invented and music was held together instead by the concept of tactus which simply is the "pulse" of the music. The concept of things "unmeasured" also plays its role into the music which will deal with the concept of time and timeless ideals such as love, and creation.


Bookings and further information: ensemblelacasella@gmail.com




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