Je t'aime - vocalise amoureuse pour Soprano éperdue, Isabelle Aboulker (2003)

This scene is from the production Dr. Miracle's Last Illusion (Opera2day, March 2017) with: Woedy Woet, Dr. Miracle - Vera Hiltbrunner, soprano I and the New European Ensemble. Hernán Schvartzman, conductor - Serge van Veggel, director

DUO / Femmes en Fables - Music by Isabelle Aboulker

A glimpse of DUO's performance at Festival ZeitRäume 2017 (swiss foundation for young musicians, September 2017)
Vera Hiltbrunner, soprano & Alena Sojer, piano

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Ensemble La Casella / Feast & Famine - Si criminum (Giovanni Felice Sances)

Si criminum was composed by early Baroque Italian composer Giovanni Felice Sances (1600-1679).
We are Ensemble La Casella: Jedediah Allen, Cornetto - Vera Hiltbrunner, Soprano and Andreas Westermann, Harpsichord. 

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